5 Tips To Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hawaii Like A Local

Chinese New Year in Hawaii

5What To Wear And What NOT To Wear When Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hawaii

Photo - Dom Crossley @flikr.com

While Hawaii does not boast the most formal dress code in the world it doesn’t hurt to know what colors are respectful when celebrating Chinese New Year in Hawaii. You may not want to dress in complete costume like the lady in the photo above, but here are some tips to stay Hawaii casual and Chinese New Year respectful.

Excellent color choices are – RED, YELLOW, & GOLD

Red, red, red! You will see the color red everywhere and for good reason as it represents good fortune. From decorations on buildings, lanterns, flags, and signs with meaningful symbols, you will see the color red. Find a red shirt and wear it proudly, even better an Aloha Shirt that is red, or accessorize your outfit with an accent of red to show everyone you understand the importance during this celebration.


Black is associated with death and white is a color used during funeral ceremonies so avoid these if possible. Don’t fret over perfection though, a bright red shirt or blouse with black shorts shows everyone you clearly understand what to wear. If you forget on the way, there are always t-shirt vendors at the festivities who would be more then happy to help you out.